I have been interested in wildlife ever since my boyhood. As a child I listened to tales of wildfowling and fishing from one of my Uncles who was also my inspiration, as was "BB" whose books I devoured avidly.Especially "Brendon Chase" , a story of boys who ran away and lived in the woods living off what they caught. Totally politically incorrect these days !
As I grew older I ventured farther afield on my own, even out onto the marshes and experienced having to run in front of the incoming tide.
The hedgerows and woodlands were as my back garden, I was out there in all weathers, often being scolded for coming home covered in mud.
Following in my Uncles footsteps I became a keen game fisherman, game shot, wildfowler and accomplished deerstalker, even managing a wood in the Northern Lake District.
From these experiences I learned fieldcraft skills and patience, which enabled me to get close to my quarry which are now captured digitally.

Equipment Used

Canon R6
Canon G7X Compact
Canon EF 70-200mm F2.8
Canon EF 100 - 400 mm Mk2 F 4.5/5.6
Canon EF 28-135 F3.5 IS
Canon 1.4X Extender